Photographic Video Background Equipment

Photographic Video Background Equipment

We carry a range of background materials to provide neutral backgrounds for both photography and video production. Paper rolls are very popular, as they offer a crease free background, at the most affordable price.

With the price of Vinyl being only a little more cost than paper, but much more durable, many photographers are making the switch to vinyl backgrounds. It doesnt tear nearly as easy as paper, vinyl is resistant to footprints and moisture, and can easlily be wiped clean.

Muslin cloth is easiest to carry in the car, but needs to ironed prior to use, or alternatively, be over-exposed (for white) or underexposed (for black) to not see the creses. 

Folding backgrounds offer another portable alternative. Like a giant reflector, their steel spring frames hold the material in tension, removing creases, making them ideal for fast headshots on location. The limitation of folding backgrounds is they don't work well for full body shots. 

Whatever your needs, we will have a solution.

Vinyl backdrop roll 6m x 2.7m green 510gsm with aluminium roller bar

Vinyl backdrop roll 6m x 2.7m green 510gsm with al

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