The C-Stand is the dependable choice for supporting your lights

"Century Stands" or C-Stands have been a mainstay of the movie and T.V. productioin industry for decades when it comes to properly supporting expensive lighting equipment. As studio flash modfiers get larger and constant LED or cool light kits become more powerful the need to properly support these often sizeable and valuable pieces of equipment grows.

Kupo's Master C-Stand range has you covered from studio to location with as many as 14 different variations. The Kupo Master C-Stand range comes in 3 different sizes (20", 30" and 40"), with two different types of base (Sliding Legs and Quick Fold "Turtle Base"), two different colour finishes (Chrome or Black) and the option of basic C-Stands or kits including C-Stand a boom and a grip head.

The Kupo Master C-Stand range is truly built to last with heavy duty features that are not seen on any of the more well known name brand offerings. Highlighting this is the fact that Kupo C-Stands all have cast zinc fittings to attach the legs to the main body of the base which provides up to 6 times the strength of a conventional aluminium fitting. The zinc casting on the legs allows the C-Stand to be seriously sand-bagged when the application calls for it. Cast alloy locking collars are also used with a stainless steel heli-coil which protects the aluminium from being damaged by the knobs and a stainless steel bolt is used for strength and durability.

Check out Kupo's patented, quick fold "Turtle Base" below       **40" Master Stand shown**