Jinbei HD610 TTL Battery Flash 600ws with HSS and Fast flash duration.

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Imagine a completely cordless studio flash that can be used anywhere, with Manual, TTL, and HSS, that will run all day on one battery charge?  

Jinbei has now made it possible at close to 1/3 the cost of some other products.  

Jinbei HD610 TTL HSS (High Speed Sync) Freeze Mode (Fast Flash duration), is the new king of portable battery monoblocs.

In 2013 Jinbei were one of the first manufacturers to release a battery flash monobloc with the HD600. Now they have added to the range with the flagship HD610, a portable battery flash head that is INDUSTRY BEST, with no compromise in manufacture, features or functionality.   


  1. The HD610 will TTL meter for fast and accurate shooting. When speed is of the essence. 
  2. Full manual control with 9 stops of power adjustment, down to 1.5 watt seconds for amazing finesse with your lighting.
  3. Shallow depth of field on the brightest day is enabled by 1/8000 of a second flash sync. 
  4. Relegate the sun to "fill" status with 600ws to make the HD610 your main light in sunlight.
  5. Freeze action for your fashion or tech shoot, with 1/19,000 of a second flash duration in Freeze mode.
  6. Shoot for twice as long as others with 6000mAh battery capacity.
  7. 20 watt LED modeling lamp that is efficient and as powerful as a 100 watt equivalent tungsten output.
  8. Group control via the TR611C wireless remote for Canon or the TR612N wireless remote for Nikon, available separately. With the TR611C or TR612N you can individually control multiple HD610's for great conveinience and faster adjustments.
  9. iTTL for Nikon and eTTL for Canon users, with front or rear curtain sync.
  10. Bowens S mount for a huge range of light modifiers.

So if your next studio light is looking like a second mortgage or looks like a 80's Atari game, the Jinbei HD610 is your choice for the future.

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Great product at this price point

By: on 12 November 2016
The Jinbei HD610 is a really good light. Not quite as nicely finished as it's much more expensive competitors but after a solid week of using two of these in the field overall I'm very happy with my purchase. The batteries last all day so long as the lights aren't dumping at full power. High speed sync and TTL work very well. You definitely will want the trigger to control these lights remotely, it's a very convenient system. A gust of wind blew one of my lights over and I watched as it literally bounced off the pavement. Picked it up and it was still working fine, barely a scratch on it. Excellent lights at a good price, and 2 year warranty. Can't really go past these.

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