3 Legged Thing

3 Legged Thing

A tripod is a tripod. Right? Not for 3 Legged Thing. It is not black and heavy, and it does not have only one use. 3 Legged Thing don’t make tripods, they make tripod systems.

Billy tripod in low mode
A tripod is a multi-functional camera stabilising system, with limitless potential for evolution and adaptation. A tripod is an extension of you, a reflection of your character, and of the photographer you aspire to be (unless you have already surpassed “legend” status).
A tripod is the one thing you trust to hold your camera, on any terrain, in any weather. Built for a lifetime of iconic images, a tripod is as low as you need, as tall as you can reach, as light as your bag and as small as your hand luggage.
It is a monopod, a macro stabiliser, a laptop platform, a flash-gun holder, a light stand, a tethering tool, a video rig and a shoulder mount. A tripod is a beautiful ensemble of premium carbon fiber and aircraft grade magnesium alloy, perfectly camouflaged and fantastically extrovert.
A 3 Legged Thing tripod is universally compatible, lovingly engineered, cleverly designed, ultimately capable, mind-blowingly innovative, unswervingly British, and far sexier than whatever it was you used to lump around.
A tripod is the tool you make it.
Be extraordinary.

Albert Shoulders and Ballhead

How to use and care for your 3 Legged Thing tripod

3 Legged thing provide extrordinary Camera Support, and they also provide amazing Customer support tools, such as their 'How To' videos. Topics covered include How to replace leg shims your tripod, and "How to Clean your tripod" which is important to do after using in water. See https://www.3leggedthing.com/how-to.html


3LT 3 Legged Thing Tim Alloy Tripod Kit and Black Ballhead

3LT 3 Legged Thing Tim Alloy Tripod Kit and Black

AU$149.00 57% OFF RRP AU$349.00

3 Legged Thing 360 Pano Clamp

3 Legged Thing 360 Pano Clamp


3LT 3 Legged Thing Pete Carbon Fiber 3 Section Monopod

3LT 3 Legged Thing Pete Carbon Fiber 3 Section Mon

AU$115.00 49% OFF RRP AU$225.00